KHS Bicycle Parts

Personal History of KHS Bicycle Parts

3 Generations in the Bicycle Biz

1916 - 1957 - Karl Heinrich Stroewer ( Erika Schaette's father ) works for Union Froendenberg in Germany. Most of his 41 years there he is comptroller of the company.

April 1, 1951 - Dec. 31,1969 - Karl Schaette starts to work for Union Froendenberg in the Export Department. Karl starts travelling the United States and Canada in 1964 visiting customers and selling Union Pedals, Lights, Hubs, Chains, and Spokes.

January 1, 1970 - Karl and Erika Schaette incorporate their new company KHS Bicycle Parts ( Karl Heinz Schaette = KHS). KHS Bicycle Parts represents several European companies. The main focus are the products from Union Froendenberg, Weinmann, SKS, ESGE, Reich,and Eldi. An office is established in New York City and three years later in Houston Texas.

1975: To offset the high cost of transportion Karl convinces Union Froendenberg and later Weinman to open a manufacturing plant in the US. Olney is chosen due to the central location. KHS moves office to Olney. Weinmann follows suit and also opens manufacturing plant in Olney. KHS moves to Olney in 1979 after the production of the two companies starts.

April 1, 1977 - Thorsten Schaette graduates from University and joins KHS Bicycle Parts in their German based office.

1980 KHS Bicycle Parts builds own Office in the Olney Industrial Park.

January 1, 1982 Thorsten starts working at Schauff Bicycle Company as assistant to the President in Sales/Marketing.

December 23, 1985 Thorsten and family move to Olney and work for KHS Bicycle Parts Inc.

Jan 1, 1987 KHS Bicycle Parts starts working with Sapim Spokes and Nipples from Belgium.

1994 - KHS build additional 20000 sq.ft. warehouse with offices for Magura USA.

April 2000, after 5 years working as General Manager for Magura USA Thorsten rejoins KHS Bicycle Parts as President and confirming the 44 years successful legacy of KHS Bicycle Parts.